Hammock or liner fabrics without DWR coating?

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - Ember 2 Under Quilt, Lime/Charcoal


Z-Liner Vertex - Clark Camping Hammock

The Super Pet Ferret Hammock with Liner is a snuggly place for your ferret to take a long nap. The hammock is machine washable and easy to hang from a wire cage. The fleece lining adds extra warmth.

Think of this quilt as an inside-out comforter for your hammock tent. The hammock liner actually fits snugly around the outside of your hanging hammock, so that you can set up camp anywhere, anytime of year. The quilt repels moisture and helps protect against cold winds – something you’ll be thankful you prepared for later.

Hammocks & Liners - The Pack Rat

Hammocks & Liners Pre-Mades Available ..

I started using a hammock for camping last summer, which I found to be colder than sleeping on the ground. I had tried using a space blanket as a liner, but the condensation was such that I woke up soaked. The Escape Lite Bivy sounded like the ideal solution, since it is both insulating and breathable. It performed its job admirably, but was a bit breathable when a strong night wind kicked up, bringing with it a wind chill of at least 15º below freezing. As this frigid wind whistled around my hammock, I imagined that this must be how a popsicle feels when it is converted from liquid syrup to frozen treat. I was sure that the local bear population would come upon my frigid, immovable body and start munching! In warm summer weather, this bivvy might be very effective as a hammock liner, but it offers little protection from arctic winds.