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Breezy Point® Mayan Mexican Matrimonial Hammock


Hang Your Hammock Mexico - Casa Santa Fe

“What? Are you kidding me? I’m not going to lug that thing around on the trail,” I exclaimed. In preparation of our ten-day hike in Torres del Paine, a national park in south Chile, we had laid out all our camping gear and separated it into two piles: one for the essentials and the other for if we’d have room left in our packs. Marty had just tossed his gift to us – a colorful, double cotton hammock from Mexico – on the pile with essentials.

How did this happen? One minute we were sitting in piazza having a beer and the next we were lying on a double hammock in a store reading the hammock Kama Sutra! This was not what we planned when we left the hotel this morning. However we did want to buy a hammock on our travels in Mexico and not any old hammock either as we have gone through our fair share of shoddy hammocks. No we wanted to buy the best hammock in Mexico.

Hang Your Hammock Mexico - Casa la Palapa

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How to Use a Hammock in Mexico (The Ace Way)

All our Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks are handmade, cotton hammocks .With nylon, threads are bright and shiny, but less forgiving against the skin. Cotton, being a natural fiber, has a much nicer feel to it and with the right care, can last for many years. The end strings or loop strings of our hammocks are made of nylon for strength and support.

Silver hues shimmer in this inviting hammock from Mexico's Maya Artisans of the Yucatan. Hand-woven from nylon, the hammock is incredibly comfortable, easy to maintain, and may be stored just about anywhere.