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These are rare breeds found only in communities that border the sea. They are handmade, repurposed hammocks that used to serve their owners to put food on the table now the keep their butts off the ground. Not the most comfortable hammocks in Nicaragua, but perhaps the most inventive.

Hammocks in Nicaragua are a lot like bananas in the western world. They are long, curvy and it’s entertaining to watch someone step on it wrong. But more than that, people think of one kind of hammock when they think of Nicaragua. However, just like the wide variety of bananas, so too are the hammocks in the market. In my time living in Nicargua I have come to know just about every kind of hammock that can be found here. After all, Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanoes and hammocks. So I present to you Casey’s official guide to Nicaraguan hammocks (all images stolen from the internet unless otherwise stated).

The Cadillac of non-spreader bar hammocks

The Hammocks of Nicaragua are considered to be the most luxurious of all hammocks, and among the most beautifull adorned. They are excellent as beds or as comfortable "hang outs" inside or out. Ours are available as the all cotton Wedding Hammocks, or the Polycotton or Polyester Nicamaka Hammocks in various sizes. Please note that the shipping charges generated on this site are for Domestic shipping only in the 48 contiguous states. For International shipments, please visit International Ordering and Shipping Information. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: Please see our Return Policy. Your safety is our concern. Please see Safety Information.

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