GEAR TEST: Hammock Peapod (Canadian Army ..



Speer PeaPod - Tree to Tree Trail Gear, Inc.

Stealth camping at its best – I woke up from a rainy day nap in the High Uintas and snapped this photo from the comforts of the Speer 8.0 A Hammock and PeaPod.

The first night there was a little draft on top without an overcover. There was a foil space blanket in between the hammock and PeaPod. It dropped down to the low 40s. I slept in long johns and a fleece balaclava. I put the tarp up just to keep dew off.

A Demonstration of a peapod system for keeping warm in the hammock.

Just Jeff's Gear Tests - Speer PeaPod - Hammock camping

Crazy J my dog slept with me in the hammock and PeaPod for 2 hours but I had to kick him out since his 75 lbs. messes up the flatness caused by a diagonal lay.

Note that the Speer Hammock has bug netting attached by circumferential velcro the entire length/circle of the hammock body. I simply undid one side of the velcro and stuffed the bug netting inside the hammock for PeaPod testing.