Hammock pods. What a great idea :-)

Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing / Outdoor and Indoor Children's Hammock Chair Nook - Hardware Included (Blue)


Find hammock pod chair at Target.

A trend we've noticed while touring various trade shows around the US and Europe over the past few years is the hanging hammock pod. Part hammock-chair and part fabric treehouse, these pods are available from a number of different brands, bringing a bit of suspended relaxation to the trees. TreePod is one such brand and, much like the , its hanging shelters have served as fun, simple children's treehouses. It's now launching a version for adults, a suspended camping tent that suspends two campers above the ground for a different perspective and experience.

This hanging pod also doubles as a hammock, wrap or cocoon, all of which would be perfect for that next photo shoot!! Knit in an open design to let that little bare baby show through! Double ties on each side allow for versatility in hanging. Knit using a soft,super bulky yarn for baby's comfort. To convert from hammock to pod simply tie back with yarn provided.

A Hammock Camping Podcast: Not just for tree-dwellers anymore

  • Kids hammock pod
  • Blue polyester
  • Green cotton cushion
  • Holds up to 176 pounds
  • 27.6 inches diameter x 59 inches long
  • Assembly required

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Our Hammock pod swing can allow kids a new comfortable place to read, relax, or simply hangout. Our Hammock pod will look great in any room in any home. They come in a variety of color combinations such as: Blue and Green and Pink and White.

We at Driftsun understand that children enjoy a balanced lifestyle of indoor and outdoor activities. We also understand the importance and the necessity of relaxation whether it be indoors or outdoors. Our expert team of engineers have developed the perfect Hammock Pod Swing that offers kids a very fun, modern, and relaxing way to calm their minds.