shows the Auto Hammock Rocker attachment portion.

Rocking Hammock


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Generally stated, the unit broadly comprises: (i) a container having a top portion, a bottom portion, and at least one side wall portion arranged to form an internal compartment and an exterior surface; (ii) a periodically reversing low speed geared motor located within said internal compartment of said container; (iii) the geared motor being connected to an oscillating portion; (iv) said oscillating portion comprising a spring member that is connected to the motor shaft in the proximal end and an arm member connected to the spring at the distal end; (v) the arm member is adapted to be integrally attached to a hammock, with a contact switch powering said motor being triggered by the weight of a person on said hammock; (vi) said spring member together with the weight of a person on said hammock constituting a torsional harmonic oscillator having a characteristic periodic resonance oscillation frequency; (vii) said periodic reversal of the motor having a frequency that matches the characteristic frequency of the spring-hammock combination, whereby the periodic reversals of the motor build the characteristic resonance frequency rocking the hammock with an occupant. An attachment portion extending from the top portion of the container is appointed to firmly attach the container to a stationary object to support the Auto Hammock Rocker.

The Auto Hammock Rocker provides a device that automatically rocks a hammock back and forth with an oscillating motion so that a person can fully relax when reclined in the hammock. The Auto Hammock Rocker utilizes a periodically reversing geared motor connected to a spring to impart the oscillating motion at a characteristic frequency that matches the resonance frequency of the spring and weight of the person on the hammock. The geared motor device is disengaged and the oscillating motion stops when the hammock becomes unoccupied.

Automatic Electric Hammock Rocker to swing hammock

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Pawley's Island RK Hammock Rocking Kit

The present invention provides a hammock rocking machine comprising a container, a periodically reversing geared motor, and an oscillating portion having a connection member adapted to be attached to a hammock by an attachment portion. The hammock rocking machine has one end connected to a fixed stationary object. The other end of the hammock rocking machine is attached to a conventional hammock. The hammock rocking machine has a large torsional spring attached to the shaft of the geared motor while the other end of the spring is attached to a conventional hammock. When an occupant reclines on and rocks the hammock initially, the torsional spring, together with the weight of the recumbent occupant, creates a natural harmonic oscillator having a characteristic oscillation periodicity. The geared electrical motor, controlled by the electrical circuit, is powered by house current or batteries. It is turned on by a pressure switch incorporated in the hammock, which is closed when the hammock becomes occupied. The motor driving circuit comprises electrical driving circuitry, which periodically reverses the direction of rotation of movement of the motor, while the motor current is monitored. This period of oscillation is gradually decreased from a long period to a value that synchronizes with the periodicity of oscillation of the natural frequency of oscillation of the hammock, at which point the current needed to drive the electrical motor is the lowest.

Sveglio operates out of Big Sur, California, where it makes all of its Volo hammock rockers to order according to buyer color and fabric specifications. The Italian "Volo" translates to "I fly" in English, and though this lounger is neither suspended from the ground, nor able to lift off and leave it, the smooth design and easy motion of its frame are going for a weightless sensation. Settle in and you'll feel like you're floating. The Volo is also big enough for two, so in the right company floating might even elevate to soaring.