Double hammock with spreader bars

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Hammocks with spreader bars are a further development of the classic hammock. Developed by sailors in colonial times this kind of hammock still has a large number of followers. For hammocks with spreader bars, different criteria apply in comparison to classic hammocks without spreader bars.

For sun worshippers, a hammock with spreader bars is perfect, as, thanks to the spreader bars, the fabric does not cast any shadow on the person lying in the hammock. Thus hammocks with spreader bars are exceptionally popular for usage outside the house – especially among those who love sun on their skin.

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    Everyone who has ever used a hammock with spreader bars knows that it swings more intensely than a conventional hammock. This tipping effect is caused by the spreader bar, as it distributes the weight differently than a hammock without spreader bar.

    The opened fabric surface makes hammocks with spreader bars a visual treat, even when it is not used. This is why it is often used as a symbol for relaxation, freedom and well-being in commercials. Hammocks with spreader bars are exceptionally popular in North America, where it is a traditional feature in almost every garden.