there hammock stakes so they don't do any damage to your stuff?

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If you mean the stand from Cheryl, I found that I really do not like it. I love the HandyHammocks stand but the one from Cheryl is something different from my point of view. But you may be talking of some other model because I did not found this hammock stand on kickstarter. Can you post a link here, please? Thanks.

Comments: The best commercial backyard hammock stand I’ve tested that works with camping hammocks (with deep sags). It’s adjustable and has worked with even my longest hammocks. This was the stand I used to take on demonstrations, but the poles flex when you get in, making the tarp sag. Other commercial stands aren’t high enough for

Enter the 3-person hammock stand.

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[…] people. For my part, I brought along several hammocks for show and tell, including the popular Handy Hammock stand, the brand-new Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock, the Maverick Hammock, the Amok Draumr Hammock, […]

6. Connect hammock to first support post.7. Pull support cords until straight, but not tight. Hammer stake into ground at a sharp angle away from the support post. ...