Polyester Hammock Hanging Chair With Armrests And Hammock Straps

Hammock Straps (Set of 2) - 1400 LBS+ Heavy Duty, Easy Setup with 36 Loops, No Stretch, Fits all Hammocks


Hammaka 10104-kp Hammock Hanging Straps. Best Price

The 1 inch wide Vine Hammock straps are long and offer a quick and easy way to hang your hammock. They allow you to dial your preferred hang in at 4 inch increments in order to get your perfect position. The 100% polyester design allow for a durable product that does not stretch.

Overall, these straps offer a vast improvement over the default included straps/ropes that come with the Fox Outfitters Neolite line of hammocks. They are comparable to, but cheaper then the ENO Atlas straps.

I measured the overall weight of the straps at 1 pound 1 ounce and the length of the straps at 10 feet 11 inches.

I have used the straps on a couple of different occasions and so far are great.

100% Polyester so they do not stretch.
Attractive Carry Pouch
Loops about every 4 inches after the initial 3 1/2 foot lead.
200 lbs per strap for a 400 lbs total weight.

The leed is long and if used on a stand, you have rig it up to use the middle of it.
Some parks require a 2 inch wide strap to hang a hammock in the trees.
Listed length was 11', but my measurements are at 10'11"

I would like to see Fox Outfitters continue to expand their line of hammock accessories. They have done a great job so far and I would like to see their take on bug netting, rain flys and camping stands.

Up until about a week ago, I primarily used either homemade rope straps or my ENO Atlas straps with all of my hammocks. The rope straps worked fine, as did my Atlas straps. The straps definitely held better to the trees without leaving marks than my ropes did, but I was always limited to hanging my hammocks between trees that were pretty close together. If you've ever hung a hammock or hammock camped out in the wilderness, you'll know sometimes how difficult it is to find trees that are just the right spacing to set up your straps and hammock. However, my problems were solved with my new Vine Hammock Straps from Fox Outfitters! I'm very familiar with Fox Outfitters line of products, as I own several. All I've known is good quality outdoor gear... and these straps are no different.

The first thing that I noticed when looking at the specs is that they were VERY similar to my Atlas straps. The primary difference that stood out to me was the sheer length of these 11 foot straps! I was curious how they compared to my ENO straps, so I strung them up together. You can see how much more length these Vine straps provide you when hanging your hammock. The neat thing I noticed when comparing the two were the ENO rain drip strips that I have actually FIT on my Vine straps since they're both the same 1" width. I do honestly wish that Fox Outfitters offered similar drip strips for their Vine straps, but I'll just use my ENO ones since they don't. No big deal. The Vine straps held very well to the tree and the material didn't offer a whole lot of give when I got into my hammock. The only thing I did notice was that my Vine straps has stitched hang points for each loop, rather than the loop ring/pockets that my Atlas has. Since my rope straps work on the same principle as the stitched hang points, I don't feel that it makes much difference in the performance aspect of them. I was so wrapped up in how excited I was about my Vine straps that I completely forgot to check out the Night Glo Reflective Stitching. I'm sure I'll notice it quite a bit next time I go camping (once the weather cools down), as I tend to walk around my hammock a lot at night while collecting firewood. It's just the small things like the reflective stitching that prove to me that the details matter to this company.

I'm really glad that I am able to retire at least one of my homemade rope straps... and I may have to get a couple more to replace the others! Yes, I own way too many hammocks. So if you're in need of upgrading those old rope/paracord hammock straps with something with a little better design and function, look no further! Go ahead and get yourself a pair (or three!) and make your hammocking experience that much better!

King Pond 10104-kp Hammaka Hammock Hanging Straps. Delivery Is Free

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    Once again, Fox Outfitters produces another solid product. The hammock straps themselves have worked in most scenarios because I'm typically set up in some good heavy woods. However I recently went on a high country elk hunt where we were planning on camping near or above tree line. This is where the straps were absolute live savers. I was able to set up my hammock between the last two tress spaced about 25-30 feet apart. I had no issues getting set up perfectly. The adjustments within the straps are perfectly spaced and makes it so unbelievably simple!

    HangTight hammock straps require so little(if any) explanation that beginners pick itup quickly. These straps are dead-simple touse and understand. And they make treeselection easy, giving you flexibility incircumference and distance.