How much will my hammock stretch?

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Hammock Stretch is a cross-breed of aerial hammocks and yoga. It allows the student to feel traction on their spines via inversions, offers assistance with back bends, and the opening of joints while getting a workout. Aerial Yoga essentially takes yoga into the air while offering the support of the nearby ground. Chantel likes to calls this exercise form, the gateway sport to silks!

As it stretches, keep shortening the chain. If you store it for months, you may have to stretch it like this again. After it stretches you can get into it much more easily. Once the hammock is stretched out, it should be hung loosely enough that when the hammock is in use (when there is weight in it) the angle of the chain as illustrated in figure 2 is at least 25 degrees from horizontal. Hanging your hammmock more tightly then this greatly increases the load to the hardware and supports.

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Make the sling bed anywhere from 5 to 7 feet long (depending on how long you are). The hammock will stretch, so don't go overboard on length ... or you'll find yourself kissing your toes while your rear bumps the ground!

We have found, and also hear from our customers, that using an Aerial Yoga Hammock relieves stress, helps with flexibility, and increases strength. If you find you are on the computer most of the day, your lower back, shoulders, and neck are taking a lot of strain. Spending just a few minutes stretching with the Aerial Yoga Hammock will help your back, neck or shoulder muscles engage in a different way. You can do an action similar to swimming by kicking your feet as you are suspended in the hammock. Or, you can sit on the floor and have your neck supported in the hammock for a release of neck tension. There are stretches, spine twists, and core conditioning you can try. Some of our customers say the Aerial Yoga Hammock is their ‘home spa’.