hammock swing outdoor double person mesh hammock strong and durable

"7th Heaven" Premium Parachute Silk Camping Portable HAMMOCK SET, Free Straps, Doublenest 400lbs Strong, Lightweight, Fast & Easy Setup. Includes Straps & Carabiners, Indoor&Outdoor Use, Portable Bed


Strong hammock with stand weight up to 120Kg

I see your hammock structure and it looks great. I have one question. How big is your Hammock? How long do you think a hammock can be and work with this design? Thank you for posting this

Find spacious comfort, beauty, and durability with the XXL Hand Woven Thick String Double Hammock. This hammock has strings four times thicker than our regular Mayan to make it stronger. Using the same ancient diamond-weave technique, this hammock is still dangerously comfortable. The hand-weaving of the incredibly soft cotton string is the secret to this hammock's unmatched comfort and superior strength.

V9 Strong Tarp: All Weather Hammock Camping

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Naval hammocks are usually made from canvas or strong cotton.

So I started wondering about the adjustments on the hammock. I figured the tautness of the hammock must play a big part in this. I wasn’t sure if both ends were supposed to be the same height or one should be lower. This Vivere frame has a wide U-shaped bar on the top of the uprights were the hammock ropes rest on and a hook on the pipe to secure the loop. This is adjustable with six holes that you change where the hook goes. I think I had it on the third hole down previously. Then I read you don’t want the hammock strung too tightly, so I lowered it to the second holes. The very top hole is useless because you drag the floor (and the bar) if you get in (I’m about 220). Using the second holes places me about 3 inches from the frame bar beneath me when I’m lying down so I can’t make it any less taut than this.

When there are no trees to hang a hammock, what do you do? While waiting for the ground breaking ceremony to begin at the Sariaya Church building site, Sir XP found a hammock strung up inside of the temporary caretaker "house". The frame for the tarpaulin roof and side walls is not strong enough to support a hammock. So by "planting" a stout branch in the ground and then driving a stake a short distance away the workers strung a rope up and over the branch from the stake and across the top to a matching branch and stake on the other side. From this the hammock was strung. I thought it was a very ingenious system to be able to use a hammock where there was no natural supports.