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2013-12-15 Mei Lun Atop the Hammock Structure!!

A hammock structure comprising an assembled frame and a detachable hammock. The frame includes two horizontal tubes for support on the ground, four L-shaped connecting tubes fitted respectively with two ends of each horizontal tube, four extension tubes fitted with the connecting tubes, two U-shaped tubes fitted with the ends of the extension tubes and two reinforcing chains connected between each two connecting tubes. The hammock includes two rod members each of which is formed with several through holes. A fastening hook is screwed into one end of each through hole to engage with a securing ring. A main cord at one end of the hammock is hung on the fastening hook, while a hanging cord is tied with each securing ring. Each hanging cord is further hung on a ring member to permit detachable engagement of the hammock on the frame.

The present invention relates to a hammock structure including an assembled frame and a hammock which is easily and detachably hung on the frame.

2009 07 30 Xi Lan Playing on the Hammock Structure

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    This invention is directed to a hammock support structure comprised of several tubular members which can be assembled into an arc shaped stand having a support hook on one end and two horizontally spaced support hooks on the opposite end.
  • 2013-12-28 Mei Lun: The Ups & Downs of the Hammock Structure

    FIG. 1 shows a conventional hammock structure 1 including a hammock 12 and a frame 11. The hammock 12 includes two rod members 121 each of which is formed with several through holes 122 for passing the cords 13 at two ends of the hammock 12 therethrough. The free ends of the cords 13 are collected into a bundle to be fitted into a ring member 131 for hanging the hammock 12 on the hanging hooks 111 of the frame 11. Some disadvantages exist in this arrangement as follows:

    It is therefore a primary object of the present invention to provide a hammock structure which can be easily assembled, disassembled and washed.