Ingenious multipurpose hammock suspension kit with tree guards.

Forest Tech (TM) Hammock Straps GREEN CHOICE of 5 COLORS XL Hammock Suspension Kit Super Strong Lightweight Tree Friendly 100% Non-Stretch 2 Straps & Carrying Pouch


Hammock Suspension Kit 2x3.5 | Exped USA

Exped Slit Line Cord (Hammock Suspension Kit) Description: Versatile cords for multiple uses. These slit cords are easy to use and do not require complicated knot for tie off. Just feed one end through one or more slits and secure the end with a figure eight not. Ideal for hammock setup as no knots that tighten shut under tension are required. Ideal also as laundry line, boat line, or guy line. Specifications: Weight: 200 g Max load: 150 kg Complete System: No Material hammock: 8 mm Polypropylen slit rope

From Exped, comes the hammock suspension kit, an excellent piece of kit to make your life easier. The set includes x2 smart slit ropes with a tree bark protector. Each line is 3.5m in length, and has a breaking strain of 180KG. The lines are multi-functional and may be used as a clothes line, haul line or boat line. The suspension kit is supplied in a reusable pouch, which could be used as a dirty bag or map case.

Ingenious multipurpose hammock suspension kit with tree guards.

@ Hammock Suspension Kit - Bedroom Headboard Lamps

The hammock with suspension kit weighs 34 oz (963 g) and the tarp adds another 23 oz (652 g). Depending upon your usage, 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) may be a little heavy (you could get a number of two-person tents under that weight). However, because it includes separate pieces, it gives you some versatility. You can use just the hammock or just the tarp depending on your comfort level and the weather. It's still not necessarily ultralight, but it does look to provide a solid combination of low weight and sleeping comfort.

The Hammock Chair Suspension Kit with Spring and Swivel makes it easy to hang your hammock chair, whether it be hung from a tree, a porch roof, balcony, or a ceiling. This kit also includes a spring, to add that extra soft feel to your sway. The swivel allows for 360 degrees positioning in your hammock chair without recoil. This is the deluxe way to enjoy your hammock chair!

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