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Yoga Inversion Swing - Anti-Gravity Aerial Trapeze - Flying Hammock Sling - Strong Lightweight Material - Relieves Back Pains, Improves your Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance, Blue


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How did this happen? One minute we were sitting in piazza having a beer and the next we were lying on a double hammock in a store reading the hammock Kama Sutra! This was not what we planned when we left the hotel this morning. However we did want to buy a hammock on our travels in Mexico and not any old hammock either as we have gone through our fair share of shoddy hammocks. No we wanted to buy the best hammock in Mexico.

Thus was born the Hammock Sutra, a kind of theoretical and practical handbook on love and its expression in sexual intercourse, the rhythm of slow, steady rocking of a hammock. No circus acts! According to Torrealba, even in urban areas, the impact of the hammock is remarkable. Figures collected through academic studies point out that in Caracas, more than 30% of houses and apartments have a hammock on the patio or balcony; and "more than half use it occasionally" for sex. The secret is that the hammock "has more range of motion. It is very sexual and involves lots of skin. Sometimes you go to one of those hotels on the road and they put a tantric bed or swing, as if you're going to make a presentation for Cirque du Soleil," he says. "The hammock has a world of possibilities. You can grab any part, with the feet and hands. And it is anatomically accepting: (it) does not matter if you're fat, skinny, or are gifted," he explained to BBC World.

19 ways The Mayans had Sacred Sex – Hammock Sutra

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We came to THE moment where we asked how much. He quoted us a price that was way over our budget. This was where our travel skills kicked in. We said we did not have that kind of money (true), we really did not want any hammocks (lie), we had hammocks at home that were just as good (lie). In the end we ended up paying $35 for each hammock which we were happy with. He probably still made a killing but we were happy with the price and that’s all that matters. Plus we got to learn about the Hammock Kama Sutra!

In addition, you will receive a gift of a bottle of red or white wine and a jar of local honey to be used as you see fit. Plus you'll receive the illustrated Mayan Hammock Sutra, The Hammock Sutra is the Mayan version of the Kama Sutra of India. The erotic illustrated book shows a variety of ways to make love in a hammock (most techniques can be applied in a bed as well). This book is yours to take home.