Floating hammock bath tub.... Wow!

Double Wide Hammock Cotton Fabric Travel Camping Hammock Available in variety of colors (Orange)


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We could definitely see folks (including ourselves) throwing the heater/hammock package into the back of a pickup truck, SUV or RV and using it on a road trip, camping trip or other highway-based adventure. The idea of relaxing in a hammock tub in the middle of it all – think canyon rim or remote mountain valley – is one of the recurring daydreams we've been having since discovering the HydroHammock. The hot water heater can also be used as a portable shower, giving it added value at camp.

For real, the “hammock hot tub” is now a real thing, and all is right in the world. You can buy one now and swing in the breeze while bubbling in a broth of hammock juice. Oh, that sounds awful. Let me rephrase.

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    Without a heating and circulation unit, you’ve just got a “hammock tub.” You know you need to add the “hot,” and that is where things get pricey.

    In order to create a full-blown swinging hot tub, you need a water heater. HydroHammock's available portable heating/recirculation system heats water from a hose as it fills the hammock tub, then keeps it heating and recirculating while you soak. It can also be used to pump and heat water from an external source like a lake or river. The included filtration system takes care of cleaning the water.