I use the HH more than any other shelter. For me it is either the HH or Kifaru Tipi. I use the HH for most of the year. I only climb out of the trees during the deep winter. I have the thing rigged up a bit different than most:

8x10 sil tarp over the hammock on its own ridgeline with supershelter system.

You could just use the standard fly. But I just like the extra room. Before I got the super shelter system I used a ground pad inside the hammock with a poncho liner attached to the outside against the underbelly. This way the insulation would not be compressed. You must have something to protect from the infamous cold back. I have heard that those cheap Mylar space blankets help but have never used them in the hammock. The coldest I use the hammock before firing up the Kifaru stove is about the high teens. Below that is doable but tends to be more problematic. Whatever you decide to do The HH if pitched right is very comfortable however there is a learning curve. Sometimes I screwed the pitch and wondered why I even pack the darn thing. But after some readjustments the comfort reminds me. I would also tie some paracord on the ends of the tie offs to defect drips etc that could run down the ropes. Other than that the hammock tends to remain dry. If for some reason it does get damp it dries out faster than any floored tent.

Under pad and cover.

Stock Explorer DLX.

Edited by WoodsWalker (08/14/07)