American Dream Hammock with Spreader Bar

Stansport Bahamas Single Cotton Hammock (Burgundy)


Hand wash (hammock with spreader bars)

LA SIESTA Kingsize hammock with spreader bars Virginia Écru provides ample room to relax in the typical North American Style. The net structure of this hammock will give you a refreshing experience on hot summer days. Virginia Écru is made of pure, high-quality cotton. The spreader bars are made of luxurious Shorea wood.

Hammocks with spreader bars are very decorative and especially popular among sun worshippers, as the spreader bar keeps the lying surface taut and open, preventing any shadow whatsoever. The perfect lying position is lengthwise towards the middle. Our tip: hammocks with spreader bars are supposed to be suspended very tautly!

Most metal stands are designed for hammocks with spreader bars.

  • Hammock With Spreader Bar
  • Your hammock with spreader bars is hand washable.

    Hammocks with spreader bars are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage but the hammock should be protected from heavy rain where possible and brought inside or dried to ensure the organic cotton dries and excess moisture won’t damage your premium quality hammock with spreader bars. TouCan hammocks with spreader bars are made for your exact needs. In the event you need a slightly smaller or longer hammock to fit in with your needs, just let us know and we will happily make it for you. Everything is customisable with TouCan Hammocks, the only limit is your imagination.

    Hammocks with spreader bars are a further development of the classic hammock. Developed by sailors in colonial times this kind of hammock still has a large number of followers. For hammocks with spreader bars, different criteria apply in comparison to classic hammocks without spreader bars.