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On hindsight, I can’t help wonder if continuous ridgeline system wasn’t first developed as a workaround to using smaller hammock tarps, where there was much less overlap between a tarp and a hammock. Just a thought, but it would provide a historical explanation for why people still use continuous ridgelines with much larger tarps.

The JRB and MacCat seem to be the most talked-about hammock tarps on the internet, probably because of their coverage/weight ratio. But Neo from Whiteblaze has folks talking about the Gear Guide 9'x9' and 12'x12' urethane coated tarps. It's several ounces heavier than comparably sized tarps, but it's also about half the price! And it comes in camo for you soldier of fortune types, like Neo.

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    In the two-line hammock tarp suspension, you run separate lines from the tarp ridgeline to a tree. It’s about as basic as you can get. I attach a to the tarp using its built-in biner clip, and then run a 15′ ZingIt line tied to the Stingerz around the tree and back to the Stingerz, where I lash it around the antenna. The hook on the Stingerz makes it possible to put a lot of tension on the line, much like the loop on a trucker’s hitch knot.

    I have used both tarp methods but after a very gusty night found that the continuous ridge line could not keep the tension and I got some serious billowing in the super fly. Since that night I only use line locks or Dutchware. I have 2 tarps the super fly and cuben hammock gear tarp with doors. I hind sight I would have done the cuben hammock gear tarp without doors so if I had to go to ground easier to set up and bought 2QZQ cuben grizz beaks for hammock use if needed.