Marshall Pet Hanging Monkey Hammock For Ferrets

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Ferret hammocks for ferrets outside the cage

Yup. You and your ferret both need a hammock because a hammock is good for you and for your ferret. Well, more for your ferret, but it can make your life easier also. There are few reasons why you should buy hammocks for your ferret and I can tell you the most important ones:

The ferret hammock choice offers several advantages over the ferret sleeping bag or sack. After you get over the novelty of the idea of a hammock for ferrets you discover that it is not such a ridiculous idea. Just like regular hammocks the ones for ferrets are hung in the cage and the ferrets like them because it gives them a sense of security when they are ensconced in the hammock. Because they suspend the ferret in the air it helps to keep the ferret from becoming overheated and therefore contributes to comfortable sleep for the little animal. The hammocks come in many sizes and configurations. Ferrets are very social even when they sleep so some hammocks are large enough for several animals to sleep together. Some hammocks are equipped with steps and made of stretch material that will accommodate visitors.

Marshall Marshall Banana Hammock for Ferrets Ferret Beds & Sleepers

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    Marshall Pet Products Ferret Banana Hammock. Color:Yellow Marshall Pet Products introduces the Banana Hammock for ferrets. This soft fleece accessory is the perfect hangout for ferrets. Clips easily t...
  • How To: Sew a Pocket Hammock for Ferrets

    I know that there are hammocks for small animals on the market, but I just can’t put ferrets in the same category with guinea pigs or sugar gliders. Their whole body is different, their behavior, even nutrition. I think that hammocks for small animals aren’t suitable for ferrets, just because ferrets are really energetic and those hammocks can break too easily. I posted a few months ago one picture with Frida sleeping on my knitted sweater and someone commented that THAT fabric wouldn’t survive a week with her ferrets. That is exactly what I am talking about. Due to that, I made hammocks just for ferrets, out of more durable material so you don’t have to buy hammocks every month because ferrets aren’t afraid to use their claws when they are snuggling into sleep.

    All those hammocks that broke after a month aren’t good for ferrets or the owners because ferrets need more durable material. That is why I made hammocks in a cooperation with my Frida and Yoda. If I am going to make hammocks for ferrets, ferrets will be the ones who will test them. Frida and Yoda gladly took the responsibility to sleep in hammocks and they did a great job. 🙂 Frida and Yoda picked their favorite material and the third material is picked by both of them.