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It’s common for people to also use hammocks indoor. This is mostly seen in modern and contemporary homes, where the idea is to create a casual and relaxing environment that’s also striking and unique. It’s common for hammocks to be installed in living rooms or bedrooms. They look particularly charming in attic homes. Of course, hammocks are also used outdoors. They are typically installed on patios, terraces as well as in gardens where trees can be used as support structures. They look charming by the pool or in a space that offers beautiful views. We have selected a series of beautiful designs of both indoor and outdoor spaces that feature hammocks.

The bungalows include “glass vision” floor panels, lit water, outdoor tranquility soaking tubs, overwater hammocks and indoor amenities like walk-in rain showers, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and smart TVs.

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    Give it a try! I love sleeping in my hammocks indoors and do it regularly. Large cotton Mayan or Brazilian hammocks are very comfortable and work well indoors. If you risk a fine for drilling holes in the walls, I would recommend getting a stand or building a stand. I have a few examples on this website.