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Tropical hardwood hammock has been affected by both reductions, and increases in the mean water table. On the Miami Rock Ridge, the average water table has dropped by several feet since the beginning of the century. This has contributed to the extirpation of at least two fern taxa, one an endemic hybrid (Nauman 1986). In contrast, tropical hardwood hammocks in the SFWMD Water Conservation Areas have been flooded out within the last few decades, and on many tree islands tropical hardwood hammock trees have been completely destroyed by high water.

The Florida tree snailis found on a variety of native hammock trees including and (Deisler-Seno 1994). This endemic subspecies can be found from Big Pine Key to the mainland with populations extending north and west into portions of Palm Beach and Collier counties, respectively. The Florida tree snail is listed as a species of special concern with the State primarily due to the loss of its habitat. Some conservation activities have focused on the efforts of a few naturalists to relocate different varieties of the Florida tree snail to Everglades NP. Additional conservation measures can be made to enhance and preserve native habitat to promote the continued existence of the species without the necessity of being relocated.

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    The white-crowned pigeon utilizes tropical hardwood hammocks in the Florida Keys as foraging habitat (Bancroft 1996). This species is important for seed dispersal in South Florida's ecosystem (Bancroft 1996, Bancroft in press). It nests on isolated mangrove islands, and primarily feeds on fruits of tropical hardwood hammock trees such as poisonwood and figs (Snyder 1990).

    Making DIY hammock tree straps, sometimes called “tree huggers” is an easy project that can be done with or without a sewing machine.
    Tree straps protect the trees from damage caused by the ropes used to hang a hammock.