Kodama Zomes: A Caged Hanging Outdoor Hammock

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Deluxe Bahama Hanging Hammock Sky Swing Chair

The Troika hammock has a triangular cut with a metal ring on each corner. These rings serve as the attachment point for the straps as well as a convenient place to hang your gear. To hang the hammock, you need three fixed objects within 30 feet of each other to correct tension on the platform. And because you have tension pulling in three directions, you don’t have to be too picky about what where you hang your hammock. You can use a smooth bark tree or even metal poles, and the hammock won’t slip down.

When hanging a hammock chair, remember that it is only as strong as its weakest point. We recommended that the straps or rope that you use are rated to hold 1000 lbs or more.

Deluxe Bahama Hanging Hammock Sky Swing Chair

  • Derek says:

    I’ve seen folks hang hammocks inside vans and buses so it’s no stretch to think you can hang in an RV.

  • How To Hang Your Hammock: The Complete Guide

    For the safest and most relaxing experience, never hang a hammock chair on a beam or branch that shows signs of rotting, no matter how strong it may appear!

    I’m considering hanging a hammock from the ceiling of my front porch. Is it possible to hang from the ceiling? (assuming the proper support above) What distance between the hang points do I need if I’m hanging from ceiling? Ceiling height is roughly 9 feet