The Harrison AntiGravity Hammock Kit

Denshine® Large Bearing Yoga Swing Sling Hammock Trapeze for Joyful Yoga Inversion Tool


The Harrison AntiGravity Hammock Kit includes the following: ?

We teach people how to trust themselves, their Harrison Hammock and the instructor. Once trust has been established, everything else in life will flow with ease. Trust is our number one principle.

It is always wonderful and so satisfying as a teacher to see the break throughs and transformations happen with my students in both group classes and teacher trainings. They leave empowered, inspired and on an AntiGravity high from the happy hormone cocktail. Trusting themselves, in the instructor, and that the Harrison Hammock will hold them. Once trust is fully grasped, comfort zones are a breeze to fly through, and this is when the real magic happens.

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    Flying Fitness is an excellent class for both the beginner or frequent flyer alike to experience an up beat isometric cardio conditioning workout – all while suspended in the air & defying gravity! Flip and fly through space as you get fit, increasing your flexibility, mobility, cardio and muscular capacity to a bumpin’ playlist. The AGY Harrison Hammock provides an opportunity to stretch, strengthen & break a sweat – connecting to muscles from your head to your toes that will give you the workout of your life in a fun, lighthearted & dynamic way! Level: Open Level (accommodates beginners & 1st timers while simultaneously providing challenging variations for Frequent Flyers)

    Turning upside down in the Harrison Hammock is at first terrifying, then once we become more aware of our bodies and minds, all fear subsides. Trust must come first for us to experience this empowering new state of being. Don’t try, Just do!