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Helmet Hammock - Motorcycle Helmet & Accessory Storage Bag Shelf Hanger (By Two Wheel Addiction). Fits Arai, Bell, HJC, Shoei, Suomy, Fox Racing & Fly Racing, etc.


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The TRS Helmet Hammock drastically reduces the possiblity of helmet damage between stages by simply attaching to the roll cage, holding the two helmets together, but separate to avoid damage.
The Helmet Hammock is manufactured from two material types, with the heavy duty webbing attaching to the roll cage for support, and the lightweight material stores the helmets safely and securely. The hammock features TRS branding, ideal if you have TRS harnesses, and is adjustable ensuring the driver and co-driver can reach the hammock with ease, even in a competition seat and harnesses.
The hammocks are available with red, blue and black outer straps, with each having identical colour holder material. Black typically stocked.

The Helmet Hammock by Two Wheel Addiction is the best storage solution for your motorcycle helmet and all your related riding equipment. The Helmet Hammock holds a.) Helmet, b.) Spare Visor, c.) Key Chain (included), d.) Gloves (2 pairs), e.) Sunglasses, f.) Breath deflector, and g.) Chin Curtain.

The Helmet Hammock fits both street and motocross helmet sizes Small through XX-Large made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and composite by all the top helmet manufacturers (AGV, Arai, Bell, HJC, Icon, Joe Rocket, KBC, Nexx, Schuberth, Scorpion, Shoei, Suomy, Vega, Vemar, and Fox).

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The Helmet Hammock stores and organizes your motorcycle equipment so it is always in one place and is never damaged or misplaced.

It contains compartments to store...
...1) Motorcycle Helmet
...2) Gloves (2 pairs - winter & summer gloves),
...3) Spare Visor
...4) Breath Deflector / Guard
...5) Chin Curtain
...6) Helmet Hardware
...7) Sunglasses
...8) Motorcycle Key Chain (won't scratch your bike & never misplace it)

It makes a great and easy gift for any motorcycle enthusiast, without worrying about selecting the correct size, fit, style, or color.

The Helmet Hammock accommodates nearly all street and motocross carbon fiber, fiberglass, and composite motorcycle helmets including sizes X-small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), X-Large (XL), and XX-Large (XXL) by all the major helmet manufacturers, including: AGV (GP-Tech, Grid, AX-8, K4 EVO, T-2, K3, TI Tech), Arai (Corsair V, Signet-Q, Target, Vector 2, Profile, RX-Q, XD-4, XD-3,. XD-2, Laurel), Bell (Star, RS-1, Revolver), HJC (RPS-10, Sy-Max, FS-15), Icon (Airframe, Variant, Alliance), Joe Rocket (RKT 201), KBC (VR-4R), Nolan (N104, N103, N43E), Schuberth (C3, S2), Scorpion (EXO-1100, EXO-900), Shoei (X-Twelve, RF-1100, Neotec, Qwest, Multitec, Multitec-LE, Hornet-DS, VFX-W, VX-Pro3), Suomy (Excel, Vandal, Apex, Spec 1R, Spec IR, Defender), Vega (Summit 3.0), Vemar (Eclipse, Jiano, GEO, Attivo), and Fox.

I actually WANT an aftermarket “helmet hammock” for my Mammut 30-whatever airbag pack. I pretty much wear a helmet and the airbag pack every time I mid-winter tour, since I live in Colorado (i.e. unrelenting high avalanche danger) and I have kids under 18 (i.e. I’m not permitted to “die doing what I love”).