What the hell is a Hennessy Hammock?

Hennessy Hammock - Explorer Deluxe Classic


Hennessy Hammocks -- hammock tents. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID HAMMOCK TENTS

I find that privacy in the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-sym is better than in tents and regular tarps. Changing clothes while rolling around in a hammock is no harder than changing clothes while rolling around in a tent, and it's easier on the bones. In reality, though, it isn't necessary to roll around in the hammock to change clothes. It is better to stand inside the entrance slit, and enjoy a private dressing room. People can see my legs, and if they are very close they may be able to see through the bug netting, but for the most part there is total privacy. To my knowledge there isn't any other lightweight shelter that allows me to stand fully upright inside of it like the Hennessy Hammock does.

A hammock allows a 'bunk bed' style sleeping arrangement, and the Explorer is no different in this regard. One person sleeps in the hammock, and another sleeps with a pad on the ground. Such tarp sharing could be done by design, or in an emergency. Doing so by design would allow one person to carry the shelter, freeing the other person to carry other things - thus reducing weight for both parties. Because the tarp is so high when the hammock is hung, tarp sharing is not a good idea in heavy, wind-blown rains. If one party carries the Explorer Deluxe A-sym, and the other party carries a regular tarp, the Explorer could be hung and the regular tarp used to one side as a rain shield and windbreak, creating a more comfortable shelter for both parties. If one party carries the Explorer, and the other party carries a tent, the tent can be set on the windward side of the hammock with the tent's entrance just under the hammock's rain fly. This provides a windbreak for the hammock, and a large, dry 'porch' for the tent. Creative setups using different systems can maximize shelter options.

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    Another interesting setup alternative occurred to me while hiking with a buddy who had a Hennessy Hammock Safari Ultralight. We attached the head end of both hammocks to the same tree, and the entrance slit end to different trees that were a little more than six feet (1.8 m) apart. We then overlapped our rain flies to create a very large shelter with both hammocks under it. This worked very well. Of course, you have to find the right trees in order to carry this off. Unfortunately the light was too poor to take good pictures.

    In closing, the Hennessy Hammock is a marvelous piece of engineering and a very high quality product. Tom Hennessy has been perfecting the hammock for decades and it truly shows. From the ease of setup to the quick tear down, heck, the hammock even has a place to hang a beer can on the inside. The engineering is impeccable. It is akin to being in the desert, wishing for a glass of water and there it is. Everything is where it needs to be and how it should be. For my personal bag that I carry with me everywhere I go the hammock has replaced the tent and saved me both weight and bulk.