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Hennessy Hammock - Deep Jungle Zip


Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Azym Zip

The Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle is certainly a nice hammock. The flyis slightly bigger than the ones I have used on my previous HennessyHammocks. It sleeps like other Hennessy Hammocks which is a good thingbut the kicker for me is the side entry zipper. It just makes the wholehammock experience more enjoyably. In fact when summer rollsaround Iam sure I will spend more time resting in the hammock in the cool ofthe evening and the ability to sit in this hammock will be a bigplus.

Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Hammock - Designed for the buggyist jungles on the planet like Borneo, the Amazon or the Congo, the Deep Jungle is our first 3 season 100% mosquito-proof double bottom hammock with two layers of tightly woven 30D high tenacity riip stop nylon. This is the same fabric used on the Hyperlite. Designed to be used with the new Radiant Heat Reflecting DoubleBubble Pad which attaches to "o" rings between the two fabric layers to hold the pad on the correct diagonal.

Deep Jungle Asym Zip – Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock: The Coolest Tent in the World