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Hennessy Hammock Hennesy Explorer Deluxe Asymmetrical Hammock

Here is the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-sym rigged as a 'flying boat'. The rear-most end (head end) is supported by a hiking pole firmly planted in the sand. The hiking pole is extended minimally to keep the windward side low. The suspension rope passes through the hiking pole's strap and is staked down firmly into the ground, 45 degrees (0.785 radians) to the axis of the ridge cord. If the stakes wouldn't have held in the fine sand I would have tied the rope to a piece of driftwood and buried it. A piece of cord is then tied to (or in this case wrapped around) the hiking pole's grip and that cord is staked out 45 degrees (0.785 radians) in the other direction. This provides a 'tripod' configuration between the hiking pole and the guy lines. (If additional stability is required, another method is to tie a loop in the center of a piece of cord and loop that loop over the hiking pole's grip. Each end is then staked out at right angles to the ridge cord, and then the support rope is pulled straight out through the hiking pole's strap and then staked down.) This is then repeated on the leeward side (right side in this photo, which is the entrance end of the hammock). The hiking pole on this end is extended maximally to provide head space under the rain fly. The rain fly is then tensioned and staked out to each side. The hammock bed tie-outs can be staked out at the same time.

Here is an image showing the interior space provided by the above setup. This picture was taken from the entrance end, facing down towards the head end. I found that I preferred to put my feet in the head end and sleep with my head near the entrance slit when using this configuration. The pad shown is 27 in (68.6 cm) wide by 72 in (183 cm) long, showing that there is ample room when using this setup. While in this configuration, the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-sym has approximately 22 square feet (2 square meters) of 'floor' space - maybe a little more.

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Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip Ultralight Hammock

Unfortunately Hennessy Hammock Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym Hammock is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the , categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

I find that privacy in the Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-sym is better than in tents and regular tarps. Changing clothes while rolling around in a hammock is no harder than changing clothes while rolling around in a tent, and it's easier on the bones. In reality, though, it isn't necessary to roll around in the hammock to change clothes. It is better to stand inside the entrance slit, and enjoy a private dressing room. People can see my legs, and if they are very close they may be able to see through the bug netting, but for the most part there is total privacy. To my knowledge there isn't any other lightweight shelter that allows me to stand fully upright inside of it like the Hennessy Hammock does.