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Hanging Cat Hammock Hideaway Edition: Great for Ferrets Too! Attach to Chair / Cage / Tower - Great Nap Spot for Kitties


TreeStuff - New Tribe Treeboat Hideaway Hammock

Sahi Designs – well I couldn’t resist this beautiful tropical themed “Hawaiian Hideaway Hammock” set, it’s one of the 100% Donation items.

For example… sofa n chairs… texture change for 5 options LI3 LI5, deer head LI3, fireplace LI 9 on/off flames effect, gunrack LI 7, chandelier LI 3, Mesa Rug has 6 texture options. Lots of animations as for Hawaiian Hideaway Hammock. I loved this set 🙂 Permissions are Copy/Modify. (The house I used to display the furniture is an older one – Durango Mesh Cabin by Stonewood Homes).

New Tribe Treeboat Hideaway Hammock

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