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Newborn baby will definitely enjoy the comfort from Hushamok organic dream hammock set, because this hammock reminds the baby of the comfort and tight environment inside the womb. Once the babies are born, they usually are having trouble in adjusting to flat and static surfaces such as cribs, Hushamok Baby Hammock has been designed to mimic womb like environment, it wraps your newborn securely and tightly to make the baby feels safe and can sleep peacefully.

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    Do you know hammock also helps in reducing Flat Head Syndrome? Yes, this happens because baby’s head weight is distributed evenly to the rest of the body. You can if you are only interested in the hammock set without the aluminum stand. We’d like to warn you again that this hammock set is meant for newborns and small babies, so you can expect that after 3 months or so, your baby will outgrow it. However, we recommend Hushamok organic dream hammock set to you because we believe the sleep that you’ll get and the comfort of your baby will all be worth the money. []

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