Hushamok Okoa Hammock, with the stand this one will cost you $500

Hushamok Okoa Stand and Organic Hammock

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I would love to win a Hushamok Okoa hammock for my 2 week old baby. What I love most is that it doesn’t require batteries and it’s made of nontoxic materials.

Best Hushamok Okoa Cotton Chair Hammock with Stand

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Discount Hushamok Okoa Cotton Chair Hammock with Stand

I would love to win the Hushamok Okoa Hammock because the value of good rest in the development of my child is very important to me and to future society. Good health and stewardship of resources (organic materials are usually responsibly produced and have a low impact on the environment) from a young age will reduce the environmental, medical cost, and human impact on the environment. Winning this and owning this will come with a great story to tell and be a great family heirloom for years to come.

i would love to win the Hushamok Okoa Hammock because it is a neat product for one, it looks amazing and im sure that it would be perfect for baby to sleep in and nap during the day happily and comfortably while im able to tidy up the house just a bit and *possibly* have a little break that is just for myself(im kidding myself i know) i know that if i am comfortable in a hammock then a baby must love it and feel at ease and completely relaxed.