Trinity Hammocks Infinity Hammock – Hand Woven

Double Camping Hammocks - Made From Strong and Lightweight Parachute Weather Resistant Nylon- Hammocks Include Stretch Resistant Tree Straps - Perfect for Travel or Hiking- Blue Outside


Infinity Hammock with Sunbrella Fabric

As you can see, the Infinity Hammock commands a second look! The 3-ring design creates a group atmosphere that is uncharacteristic of the traditionally individual activity. This architecturally appealing suspended design is available in two styles!

The Infinity Hammock offers a modern twist on traditional hammocks with its three ring design. Executed in durable stainless steel with hand woven hammocks, this model can be left outdoors year round. It’s perfect for warmer climates and for lounging in after a splash on the beach. A teak table is suspended in the middle of the frame for even more convenience.

Infinity Hammock with Sunbrella Fabric

Infinity Hammock with Sunbrella Fabric

The Infinity Hammock is an all new design that puts a completely new twist on the traditional hammock! The folks at have created an outdoor lounge with an innovative 3 ring design. Not to mention, Trinity has also formed a partnership with several rural communities in an effort to promote economic growth and financial independence in these areas!

Help contribute to the Community Support Abroad Program by to view the Infinity Hammock on our page. Patio Productions is a proud retailer of this magnificent piece!