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Double Wide Hammock Cotton Fabric Travel Camping Hammock Available in variety of colors (Green)


Jacks R Better - Manufacturer Detail - Lightweight Hiker

Overall: This is a good product and it is favoured by a lot of companies. But when compared to the Warbonnet Ridge Runner and the Eureka Chysalis it does fall short. The Jacks R Better Bridge Hammock came in last place for me. But it might not for you. If you can, try one out and let me know what you thought of it. I give it an overall rating of 11 out of 18

A Jacks R Better bridge hammock pitched on a 15-degree hillside along the AT, hardly a suitable campsite for a conventional ground system. In a hammock, the terrain underneath has no effect on sleep quality.

Jacks are Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock

January 31, 2013 December 16, ..

Very rare Jacks R Better Hammock Hut. They were only a few of these made. It turns your hammock into an totally enclosed shelter. It is a full hammock shelter with four sides, doors, ridge vents, protective beaks, side tie ups and dual bottom reefing points. It accommodated a hammocker plus an adult and a child or large dog on the ground. It provides the best privacy and full weather protection available for any gathered end hammock. ls. The Hammock Hut itself weighs only 28 ounces, and is under two pounds including ridge lines, Self Tensioning Lines (STLs) and pegs.