How The Jute Hammocks Are Made?

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Fiber and textiles have been a passion of Beth Duncan’s since she made her first sweater at age 10, and then knitted a jute hammock for her father, when just 12 years-old. While in high school, she learned to weave, and after many intervening years, she is now the newest weaving instructor at Fine Line Creative Arts Center.

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Jute Industry is one of the oldest and a major foreign exchange earner of India. The industry is offering a plethora of jute products like hammocks, bags, carpets, ropes and rugs all across the world. Jute hammocks are hangings made up of netting or canvas. It is used by swinging and supporting by varied clews or cords between two trees, pillars or other material. These hammocks are extensively used throughout the world for bringing a perfect combination of beauty, style and comfort to a place. Detailed overview of hammocks made up of jute is given below:

How The Jute Hammocks Are Made?

Designing and weaving jute hammocks is a tough task, it requires lots of concentration and expertise. Supreme quality jute fiber is used by the skilled craftsman along with latest weaving tools to develop the hammocks in a beautiful way. The swing hammocks should be durable and capable of bearing weight, hence the experts developing these ensure to weave tightly without compromising the quality.

Pool To Choose From

One can avail these jute made hammock in a variety of sizes, designs, colors and patterns as per their preferences. There are a large number of jute hammock manufacturers, who also offer custom designed versions of their products to meet the diverse choices of the clients. User should choose hammock as per their space availability. Using very large size jute hammock in a relatively small space can bring unpleasant results. Further, the comfort quotient will disappear and the user will left with a bad purchase. Hence, it is recommended to measure the space availability and then purchase the ideal hammock, accordingly.

Uses of Jute Hammocks

Hammocks are widely used as a seat or bed in various homes, hotels, beaches and garden areas for requiescence purpose. For optimum comfort and warmness, handmade hammocks are being used by natives of tropical region for sleeping. One can also use hammocks for camping purpose and in picnics, gardens and many other places, where a quick solution is needed for relaxation and sleeping.

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