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Once I (mostly) put the temperature demons to rest, my attention moved to posture-related comfort. I tend to roll around in my sleep and settle onto a side rather than lie on my back. That positioning seems less likely on a hammock, so I was curious how I’d fare. I ended up on my back all night, but the stretch of the Kammok Roo hammock kept me comfortable. One thing that really helped with that was the hammock’s 5-foot 7-inch width.

My primary concern was heat, of course. What I quickly learned is that no hammock itself can keep you warm. The Kammok Roo hammock, for instance, is made of a parachute-like ripstop fabric that weighs 24 ounces with carabiners. It’s hard for something that lightweight to do much insulation. Instead, it’s all about the gear.

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Best Outdoor Supplies for Autumn 2016- Kammok Roo Hammock

I’ve relaxed in hammocks before that felt tight any time I reclined in them. Not the Kammok Roo hammock. Even when fully wrapped like a human burrito, I always felt like I could maneuver my shoulders a bit if needed. Since I roll around at night and value freedom of movement, that was huge for me. It was strange to be “stuck” on my back all night, but knowing I could wiggle a bit if I wanted to helped my state of mind. It also therefore helped me get mentally comfortable enough to sleep.

Camping has always been a strictly tent-based affair for me. Tents may have thin walls, but their shelter allows me to crawl into an insulated sleeping bag of my choosing. This summer the folks at Kammok tempted me to take their signature hammock out camping. I was skeptical. The thought of cold air surrounding me all night long actually scared me a bit. Sure, the Kammok Roo hammock might be comfortable during hangout time, but sleeping?