Leather Link Hammock by Jim Zivic Design.

Acrabros Universal Fit Nonslip Waterproof Padded Quilted Convertible Hammock Dog Car Seat Covers with Extra Side Flaps, Black, 54"W x 58"L


Dog Hammock Seat Cover / Leather Car Hammock -- Orvis

Hanging above me was a leather hammock. I asked my coworkers and they said it was a "chinchorro" style hammock but that applies to any hammock that is not one solid piece of fabric for the bottom.

This hammock chair cane is a perfect accessory for all of your outdoor or travel needs. This hammock seat cane offers a portable resting place by easily converting from a walking cane to a chair. The genuine leather hammock seat cane has a convenient leather seat and leather wrapped handles for your added comfort. There is a removable rubber tip that allows you to rest on solid surfaces such as concrete or tile. This tip unscrews and reveals a metal spike that makes the seat easy to rest on when you are outdoors on soft ground. By unscrewing the silver metal plate from the top portion of the cane and attaching it to the bottom of the cane before sitting in grassy areas, this will prevent the seat cane and the user from sinking into the soft ground. This British style seat cane comes standard at 35.5 inches with a seat width of 13.5 inches, sitting height 29 inches and is designed for users up to 250 pounds. Bring this seat along for uses such as bird watching, parades, hiking, sporting events or visits to museums.

Loewe Solid Small Leather Hammock Bag, Black

Leather Hammock Saddles

Leather-forming press at Brooks Saddles

Peened brass rivet on the nose
of a Brooks Professional saddle.

Mammoth Brooks B33 (England), on John's verdant Atlantis masterpiece.

Super-size Brooks B90/3 saddle (England).

"There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made of rainbow, stuffed with cloud;

In this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard."

--Jerome K. Jerome (1900)

Original and restored 1890s Raleigh saddle made by Tim Dawson.

Custom Brooks B17 by Tim Dawson.

Dimpled Brooks B5N (England), on Karl's orange LeMond audax velo.

Pre-Softened Brooks Professional saddle.

Engraved and painted saddle by Kara Ginther seen at NABS 2010.

Brooks B33 with sheepskin cover, on Jeremy's black Raleigh curb-basher.

Gilles Berthoud Aravis cork-color leather saddle (Pont de Vaux, France) on Bogart's Bologna.

Instead of rivets, Berthoud saddles have flat srews and engraved washers with serial number on the nose.

Lepper Voyager (Netherlands), with rails made of Reynolds 531.

Suspended Pedersen hammock (Denmark), in mint condition on Rick's mauve Christiana Pedersen.

Restored Pedersen saddle (Denmark), woven with green cord.

Rubber-covered Denfeld tractor saddle, on a blue Norwegian DBS Classic.

Reproduced high-wheel saddle, with matching saddlebag.

Spring-loaded YK saddle (CCCP), on a black Ukraina roadster.

Number 769 hand-tied hammock, on a black Swiss Army bike.

Ideale Model 6 (France), Short and wide from a folding bike.

Rideable Replica vintage saddle.

Mansfield racing saddle (England), on the metalic-gray NYC-made Dick Power track bike.

Super-narrow Selle Italia (Italy), from the time of Fausto's celeste Bianchi.

Well-aged saddle of Antonio Maspes
seven-time Pro World Sprint Champ (1955-64).

Leather Hammock: Most or rather all ..

The Leather Link Hammock has a curved steel frame, a leather link sling, metal mesh, brown suede upholstered head and foot boards, suede cushions, shearling pillows, and a shearling throw. The Leather Link Hammock is set to debut, along with other furnishings designed by Zivic, at the Ralph Pucci showroom in Los Angeles starting September 19.

Jim Zivic decided to take swinging to the next level with his design for a Leather Link Hammock. This nap-worthy swinging contraption is available in two sizes – 3 Ft. hammock: 36″ W X 81″ L; 4 Ft. hammock: 48″ W x 81″ L. It is also available in multiple finishes and buyers have the option of applying their own upholstery. Why settle for anything less than the best?