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Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest - 40 inch - Soft-spun Polyester - (Green)


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If you had to choose between a hammock and a couch, would you choose a hammock? Some people do! Check out this crazy colorful living room hammock that takes the place of a couch, featured on .

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El Bandido is very popular as a living room hammock. Its bright, vibrant colors and earthy tones give a strong boost to your home’s interior décor. Needing only 12 ft. or more between hanging points, the average living room should provide plenty of space to hang. With no bulky spreader bar, our hammocks are not only more versatile in how you use them, but they take up less space and are , unhook and store when not in use. Want to use El Bandido as a living room hammock? You’ll want a to easily hang your hammock in a flash. And, you might want to consider our Black Spreader Pillow. This will keep the hammock spread open when not in use, displaying its beautiful colors.

In a living room a hammock can, too, replace a tired old coffee table and an armchair. It can serve as a reading nook or it can even replace your sofa, if you aren’t having many guests over and often. It is a great money saver especially for students and young families. Why buy an expensive sofa when you can rock gently side to side next to your favorite person in a good ol’ hammock?