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If you like lounging in hammocks, then you will absolutely love the WHITE Installation. Created by a 20 student collective over a 5 day period, the project is essentially one massive hammock.

Inspired by urban backpackers, HackedPack products have been vigorously tested both in the United States and around the world. The result is a lightweight kit that rests comfortably on your shoulders or tosses right in your car while you hike or travel, and has a massive hammock concealed out of sight until you need it. When you reach your favorite spot, simply unzip and hang with the included straps and carabiners.

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Great features and incredible durability come at a cost, and the Henessey Expendition Asym is no exception. The massive hammock, at 41oz, has weight comparable to a lightweight backpacking tent, though it does include a 10oz fly that can be ditched when the weather will be clear. Despite its weight, it is an ideal hammock for cold and miserable conditions, and before picking this hammock it would be a good idea to think about the conditions it will be used in. If rain or cold are in the plans, this is the hammock to get, even with the extra weight – you'll want the fly and thick fabric in a storm.

I started by looking for information about modifying my hammock to better suit me I found the , the gathering place for the massive hammock camping subculture! The way people design, build and modify their hammocks reminds me of hot-rodders modifying their cars! It’s amazing!