Sunnydaze American Style Handwoven Mayan Single Person Hammock with Spreader Bars, Multi-Color, 660 Pound Capacity


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This gigantic hammock is for those who really want to get to know their neighbors better, as about the whole ‘hood can pile in. Visit the page to see a sample of Mayan Hammock colors! More importantly, these are the largest of the Cotton Mayan Style Hammocks offered. Whether for relaxation, or for use as a bed, these have the capacity to please!

Hey Derek, I’m looking at changing from a traditional bed to a hammock in the next month or so. Is there a big difference between a Brazilian/Mayan style hammock and the modern eno/warbonnet style or is it mainly personal preference?

this classic hammock style is prone to tipping.

  • A BETTER QUALITY HAMMOCK CHAIR - Luxurious Mayan Style Hammock Chair. Made of High Quality Cotton and weaved the traditional Mayan Style
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    You may have to start taking relaxation reservations when you obtain a Mayan Style Hammock Chair. These luxurious hanging chairs are guaranteed to be a popular place to plop for kids and grownups. An empty chair won't stay that way for very long.

    -FINEST HAMMOCKS OF THE WORLD - because the Mayan Style Hammock is weaved with thinner strings, creating a sensation of floating in the air when you are sitting or lying down. great to take a siesta or simply sleep comfortably throughout the night. Able to be used both indoors and outdoors with proper care.-THE MAYAN STYLE HAMMOCK is made in remote villages of the Yucatan. The artisans can take more than 7 days to weave the finest Matrimonial Size Hammock. 100% Cotton throughout the Hammock Body and 100% Polyester for the End Strings. Very Fresh and Resistant.