Mega hammock. Mega yes, please.

Prime Garden Quilted Fabric Hammock with Pillow, Hardwood Spreader Bars, 2 People, Red/Sky Blue


Hummingbird Hammocks Mega Hammock - Thrillist

What’s $375, made of rip stop nylon and designed to squeeze you and at least two of your friends closer than you’re used to without making it weird at all? A mega sized hammock of course! It’s probably not intended to be a sun shade and a hammock, but that’s how I picture it in my backyard. What you do with it is totally up to you!

"You can relax with all your best friends in one place or catch some z’s by yourself. These mega hammocks are available in four colors of ripstop nylon and the webbing is black. The webbing is only visible on the corners of these hammocks because of the way it’s made for added strength. Each hammock is hand crafted by the designer himself, who is an FAA certified parachute rigger"

HLH | Mega Hammock – High Line Hammocks

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  • Mega Hammock – The Hammock Big Enough for a ..

    You say , I say . You say , I say . You say , I say.... Here is a great big hammock. A Mega Hammock. The listing specifies that it comfortably fits 3 people, but I think it can easily and sexily fit up to 6.

    Mega Hammock - A giant, 3-person hammock would be the ideal way to spend some quality family chill time in the backyard or just spread way out by yourself and catch some Zzzz’s.