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Hammock Margarita Mercerized (Cotton)

If you are looking for something more conventional, there are also those hammocks that come with a spreader bar at the head and foot of the hammock bed. This creates the hammock bed as a rectangular formation much like a mattress. The bar is called a spreader-bar and these are considered American hammocks. These hammocks are often the type that hotels and resorts get because of the heavier cord and flatter, bed-like appearance. They are ideal for people who are not quite comfortable with the more "traditional" Mexican hammock.

For many, the best selling and most popular hammocks are the Jumbo, King, American and hammock chairs. Mexican hammocks come in all colors, from solid colored to multi-colored, rainbow hammocks. Get the ultimate garden or outdoor decorating accessory and add outdoor style to your backyard, cottage or picnic with authentic handmade hammocks. Since each one is handmade, each hammock is an original piece of handwoven textile art. Not only will you enjoy your hammock, but you'll also feel great that your purchase has helped out a Mayan family whose sole source of income is often from the hammock trade as you can read here on our site. For more information on the various sizes of hammocks and some of our Mayan partners in the hammock trade, please check out our selection above or our video here.

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    The American hammock has a wood spreader bar anchored at the head and foot of the hammock. The spreader bars make the hammock hang and feel more like a bed than a traditional hammock. If you are looking for a more conventional hammock, this is the one.