Single Ticket to the Moon Hammock

Legit Camping - Double Hammock - Lightweight Parachute Portable Hammocks for Hiking , Travel , Backpacking , Beach , Yard . Gear Includes Nylon Straps & Steel Carabiners (Grey/Lime Green)


Hammock Tent Bundle - Ticket to the Moon Parachute Hammoks

Jean Claude, a high school senior, is president of Half Moon Hammocks, the Junior Achievement company set up by Pat Rutt's How to Start a Business marketing class at Traverse City Central High School.

Freshman Jalynn Brumfield and senior Ashlee Berger are both in the public relations department for Half Moon Hammocks, a company started by a Traverse City Central High School business class.

Ticket to the Moon Mammock Hammock Review - The Ultimate Hang

Ticket to the Moon make leight travel hammocks of parachute silk. This breathable nylon dries fast and can be washed. The hammock is packed in a small pouch which is sewed on the hammock and can also be used to put small things in it.

That is the freedom of today. No luxury, no time planner, only nature, your hammock and you. And if you are on the road 
you appreciate leight luggage. That is why the Ticket to the Moon founder had the idea to create a light weight travel hammock. 
The result are today's Ticket to the Moon travel hammocks made of parachute silk. This functional material is not only light but 
also breathable, soft to the skin and washable. You can take this Ticket to the Moon light hammock everywhere, for the holidays, a weekend trip or on a boat for instance. Carrying bag included.


The parachute hammock was made by travellers for travellers.
A comfortable sleep and ideal protection from insects and small reptiles.
It can replace your tent: lightweight, strong, and foldable.
The hammock sets up in less than a minute.
Is rot-resistant and quick to dry (machine washable 30°C).
Ideal for camping, trekking and any outdoor activities.

Ticket To The Moon Hammocks (Double Hammock)

Brumfield agreed with Berger: running a business is harder than it looks. Hammocks are trendy, but marketing students have to convince their peers to purchase a Half Moon hammock instead of one from a larger company such as Eagles Nest Outfitters.

Senior Jephte Jean Claude, left, and sophomore Robbie Morse trace the Half Moon Hammocks logo for their marketing class project at Traverse City Central High School.