Jacks R Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock

Homitt 2 Person Outdoor Camping Hammock Set with 2M / 6.56FT Hammock Tree Straps & 2 Solid Carabiners for Travelling, Hiking, Backpacking, Motorcycle Trips, Beach or Mountain - Green & Grey


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I've been using the Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock for about a year now on a variety of trips for a total of 8 backpacking trips. I've used this hammock many more nights at home. Here are some highlighted trips:

Dear friends in Cobble Mountain Hammock Company, We just wanted to say hello, and tell you that we by «accident» came across your chair on vacation in Key West. We bought it, and it is now hanging in our summer house in Southern Norway, where we now can relax – looking out on the ocean between Norway and Denmark.

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The hammock fits comfortably under my larger hex tarps. Smaller diamond or asym tarps just don't provide enough coverage over the "boxy" shape of the bridge hammock. The Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock isn't any longer than gathered-end hammocks, so my standard tarps worked just fine. The suspension points all fit under the hammock providing great storm coverage.

The Jacks "R" Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock provides a comfortable, flat lay head-to-foot with a slight squeeze in the shoulders. I wasn't particularly fond of the shoulder squeeze at first, but I did get accustomed to it over the time spent in the hammock and it didn't bother me.