The original Natures Sway baby hammock - made with love since 1993

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The Complete Hammock and stand pack for your baby.
All Natures Sway baby hammocks come with their luxurious 100% natural New Zealand wool mattress. Now covered in our 55% hemp 45% organic cotton outer which is naturally anti-fungal and draws moisture away from baby, helping keep baby cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Natures Sway designs have the comfort and safety of your baby in mind.

I used the Nature Sway hammock. I had a hook from a ceiling beam right next to my side of the bed (and also one downstairs in the lounge), so I didn't even need to get up to rock him back to sleep at night. I'd just sit up, pick him up, feed him, put him back in the hammock and bounce him while lying down.

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Gillymama - 11:42 PM on Sun-17-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi Suzy, I think you'll really enjoy using a Hammock for your new bubs. Congratulations, how exciting- I loved preparing for my 1st. Yes it does conjure up images of the Stork - cute!
I agree - Kidspot is so helpful and all the reviews over at MumsSay have helped me many times to make up my mind about toys etc. Feel free to ask any questions about the Natures Sway Hammock.

I am just blown away by Natures sway baby hammock.

Competitors in NZ now produce a similar product, based on the Natures Sway original hammock but personally I think they lack the sense of quality which could lead one to becoming an "heirloom piece" that the Natures Sway Hammock does. Simply put, they are just not as "LUSCIOUS" as a Natures Sway hammock, they seem to lack the detail, the lovingly crafted sense of luxury, or are vastly more expensive to purchase than a Natures Sway, and well, I just didn't warm to them.

Others on the market may seem similar, but none rival the Natures Sway Hammock. I've looked in baby supply stores, and online researching other companies products, and still I prefer the Natures Sway one.