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ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock, Retro-Tri Color (FFP)


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When you unravel the eno double nest hammock it measures roughly 9 ft. four inches in width by six feet two inches in length. This is fantastic because it gives you a lot of room to extend and feel cozy. Various other hammocks I have actually observed are not as comfortable as this one. This hammock will suit 2 people comfortably. My boyfriend and I have overslept in this hammock while out on a hike and it was without a doubt quite cozy.

Another neat factor is the eno double nest hammock will in fact suspend up to 400 lbs. Each slap strap or the suspensions that hold up your hammock will hold 200 pounds each which will equate to up to 400 lbs total. I have actually noticed they are extremely resilient and you should count on them to hold your weight. I have actually never ever even become aware of an eno double nest hammock damaging or ripping whatsoever. This is absolutely among the most trustworthy hammocks on the marketplace. I think the eno double nest hammock is constructed of porous nylon so they are very well-built. I have actually observed that when the hammocks get wet the water bypasses throughout them as a result of the nylon so they will not become moldy or stink or anything such as that.

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    To set up your eno double nest hammock you would want to first pull it out of the bag it comes in and the hammock will have a carabiner on each end of it. You will attach the initial carabiner to the slap straps or whatever ropes you are utilizing to stand up your hammock. I’ve seen some folks make use of para cables to hold up the hammock which works just fine and they are lighter. You would certainly after that pull it out of the bag that’s attached to the hammock and unroll it. You would after that want to affix the second carabiner to the various other slap strap. As soon as you connect that end you are essentially all set up and prepared to rest in it.

    I’ve utilized my eno double nest hammock 3 or 4 times now and I’ve washed it twice. Eagle Nest Outfitters recommends you wash by hand or in a front end washer with chilly water on fragile cycle with a mild cleaning agent. They additionally inform you not to dry your hammock in a dryer. I adhered to these directions and I have actually had no problems yet.