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Handmade Mayan Hammock, Double Hammock, Brazilian Hammock - Made With 100% Organic Cotton - The World's Best Hammock! (Double, Cream)


Our organic hammocks are sourced from Colombia and Brazil, ..

The Hushamok Organic Hammock is an innovative sleep hammock designed to provide you and your baby the most restful sleep. While flat and static surfaces like cribs and Moses baskets are foreign to babies, the hammock in combination with the Hushamok Oakoa Wood or aluminum stand (sold separately) mimics the womb by creating a gentle, rhythmic rocking motion so baby sleeps better and longer. It can even be used without a stand for added versatility.

Because of the natural motion of the Organic Dream Hammock, carbon dioxide is not trapped around the baby which, when re-breathed, is said to be one of the causes of SIDS.

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    The spring provided with the Organic Hammock has been specially designed to safely carry up to 12kg, however we recommend using two springs side by side once your baby is over 8kg to give your baby the optimum bounce.

    Organic cotton is great for sensitive skins or for anyone who loves soft smooth cotton. It is grown without pesticides or fertilisers which is probably why it feels and looks so good. Our organic double hammocks are big enough for two - so they make great wedding or anniversary presents.