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The Paradiso Hammock is perfect for all the family and with a generous maximum load capacity of 200kgs, it is perfect for sharing! The extremely large 'bed' of the hammock measures 250cm x 175cm - in order to make this vast hammock both durable and comfortable, almost 5,000 threads are woven together. Concentrated loads are compensated for during the stitching process, helping to give your hammock a lengthy lifespan.

Available in the following colours: Rubin, Tropical, Terracotta, Café, Silver and Natura.

The Paradiso Double Hammock is the crown jewel of the Amazonas hammock line. Over eight feet long and five and a half feet wide, the Paradiso has room for the whole family. Handwoven in Brazil from a blend that is 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester, this hammock stretches and conforms for exquisite comfort. Much larger than the Barbados, the rich, warm, hand-crafted colors will provide you and your family with endless days of fun and relaxation.

Amazonas Paradiso Hammock Double- Terra Cotta

Paradiso Double Hammock - Seaside Hammocks

Amazonas Paradiso Hammock: The Amazonas Paradiso Hammock is a gorgeous family sized hammock, featuring 5000 threads woven together for extra strength and softness. This hammock comes in a range of fantastic colours, whether you want the hammock to be bright and colourful or stylish and natural, and with room to cuddle up for all of the family it is one of our biggest sellers.

With room for the whole family, the Byer of Maine Paradiso Double Hammock is a great backyard hammock that lets your entire family spend time together. Able to hold three or more people, up to 400 lbs. total, mom and dad can easily share an evening together watching the stars and talking, and they can even invite their kids to join them. Children love spending time in hammocks too, and it's the perfect place for secrets to be shared. Available in a variety of colors, and crafted from 100% cotton that stretches and conforms for exquisite comfort, this hammock has a bed that measures 8 ft. 4 in. long x 5 ft. 6 in. wide.