THe Yogibo Fly Personal Hammock Soars!

G4Free Double Camping Hammock - Portable High Strength Hammock - Lightweight Blend Color Nylon Fabric Parachute for Outdoor. Hammock Straps & Steel Carabiners include(Dark Green/Bright Green)


Yogibo Fly Solo Personal Hammock for Outdoors or Indoors

The Yogibo Fly is your own personal hammock for relaxation, work, or a siesta in the afternoon! Durable high-quality fabric supports you with foam padding and a hard-wood support beam. This gives you a secure place to lay your head with 2 support ropes for both sides of your legs. Secure safely with the included Quick release Carabiner to a rafter, beam, or a single person hammock stand (Not Included). The size of the Yogibo Fly when ready to use is 28 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 67 inches from bottom to eyelet. The top support beam is 39 inches long by 1.5 inches square. The eyelet at the top is 1 inch and the carabiner is 3 by 1 inch. The Yogibo Fly personal hammock will keep you moving in 2 dimensions. Plus unlimited swivels.

This one is great for some time alone. The Large Hand Woven Mayan Hammock, in its unique design, allows you to mold perfectly into its soft cotton or nylon body. With a bed length of 7 feet 4 inches, and a bed width of 7 feet, this hammock is best enjoyed alone. It's the perfect personal hammock for a teen or small adult. This hammock is ideal for the backyard, the beach, or backpacking. Mayan hammocks are handmade and come in a variety of colors. The body is woven with cotton or nylon and has nylon string ends on both material options. This hammock also has a metal reinforced loop end for greater strength and durability.

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  • bertenvdb says:

    I disagree.
    These biased arguments make no sense at all, imho. It’s like saying for hammock camping you need to bring along two poles in case you don’t have trees. Or a ladder, to be able to set up the hammock…

    A small hammer? Really? I have never seen any hiker carrying one, I would definitely remember that 🙂 Just use the proper pegs, or when the ground is too hard to drive in the pegs there always is a rock nearby to act as a hammer.
    A pillow? Just put your clothes in your fleece and make a knot with the sleeves to make a pillow. According to Claim #2 hammockers need a neck and knee pillow…
    A mat? According to Claim #2 (and my personal hammocking experience) you need something similar to prevent Cold Butt Syndrome.

    I love my hammock, but when I’m embarking on a physically enduring hike, I’ll always prefer my tent to ensure a good rest. When there’s lots of rain or wind, I’ll also won’t doubt to take my tent, to have the comfort of cooking or do other stuff without having to cope with wind or rain.

  • Sport Force Portable Two-Person Hammock Doze Off in the Open Air

    *Yes, this list isn’t fair. Most hammocks are designed for single occupancy. The Tensile and Vertex are multi-person hammocks and should probably have their own category. I’ve deliberately picked out some of the heaviest kit hammocks to honestly acknowledge they exist. However, to compare gear on weight alone is a gross generalization and should be taken very lightly. Weight may be an important consideration to a backpacker, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. I happen to love my Tentsile hammock and Clark Vertex hammocks.

    Enjoy your own personal hammock for relaxation, work, or a siesta in the afternoon! The durable high-quality fabric supports you with foam padding and a sturdy, hardwood hanging structure. Secured safely to a deck or ceiling beam, or mounted to our freestanding support, the Yogibo Fly will keep you happily relaxing in mid-air.