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The Planet Hammock Single hammock is a basic, durable, fairly lightweight, single-person, gathered-end hammock made of parachute silk (nylon). The fabric, when laid out flat, is rectangular. The long sides are hemmed with a triple stitch. The short ends are hemmed with a triple stitch, but create a loop where a rope can be threaded to gather the end. The hammock coms with two short lengths of rope, tied in a loop, that are used to gather the ends. Attached to the rope loops are a pair of metal hooks. The ropes attach to the hooks with a Lark's Head knot. The metal hooks are easy to remove.

There are a lot of "parachute silk" nylon hammocks out in the market today and those offered by Planet Hammock are near equal to the competition (e.g., ENO, Grand Trunk, Trek Light, etc.) with a few differences. First, Planet Hammock's headquarters are in the Netherlands, providing customers in Europe easier access to this type of gear. The second biggest difference is also the one flaw I found in these hammocks: the stuff sacks are small. This is minor, and many people probably won't care, but I like stuff sacks that are roomy, making the process of stuffing and packing a little easier, but also providing enough room for tree straps and suspension lines. The Planet Hammock stuff sacks are a tight fit for just the hammock alone.

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Planet Hammock® hammocks are fabricated from high grade parachute silk, for those that want to travel light but still want a comfortable nights sleep! A Planet Hammock® hammock is ideal for camping, on your boat, travelling and hiking, backyards, in your bedroom, patios and vacations.

In just a few seconds you can fold the hammock and put it back in the stitched bag. They breath, will not hold water, so can be left outside for extended periods of time, without the threat of mildew.

The hammocks are extremely light(500Gr/1.1Lbs) and can hold up to 160Kg/352Lbs!

Wintec Trading sells the hammock in two sizes: Single 10'8" x 5' & Double 10'8" x 6'8".

All the Hammocks are provided with stainless steel hooks.

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So therefore I would like to ask you guys who have a Planet Hammock hammock to leave a review of it here, or post a link to one already made (like Bombers quick review ).

The Animal Planet hammock style bench seat cover offers total protection, keeping your car's interior free from scratches, dirt and tears. This is a universal design that will fit most vehicle seating. Your car's interior will have total protection from most any type of pet mishaps. Seat belt access is easy through the velcro slits in the fabric. A zipper is included on the hammock so one side can remain a hammock and the other side can accommodate a passenger. Take your dog with you . They will love you for it!