Portable Parachute Silk Hammock

OuterEQ Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock Blue/grey


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The 24 Color 2 Person Portable Parachute Hammock Camping Survival Flyknit is made of a super strong material that is perfect for camping in tough circumstances while hiking or hunting. Using the same 210T nylon material that is used in making hot air balloons and parachutes. It’s also extremely durable and long-lasting, with triple stitching. This product has superior tear resistance and can hold a weight of up to 400 pounds.

Not going to lie, I love me a good hammock. You can’t take your rope hammock with you to a music festival or into the woods on a camping trip, but you can bring one of these bad boys. Fox Outfitters makes a lightweight, portable nylon parachute hammock that stuffs into a tiny bundle. It’s perfect for those summer weekend camping excursions or tying together between two cars at a music festival.

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    New Fashion Travel Sleep Outdoor Portable Parachute Fabric Hammock. Type: Two-Person Hammock. 1 x Hammock. M aterial: Polyester, Parachute nylon fabric. 1 xSame Color Scheme Sack. Easy to be cleaned a...
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    Make your bed in the trees on your next camping or hiking trip with this portable parachute hammock. Crafted from durable nylon silk, this hammock provides a stable yet comfortable place to catch a quick nap before you head out on a rough trail. The...

    Lounge comfortable even when you travel with the Portable Parachute Fabric Hammock by OuterEQ. Made of real parachute nylon fabric, this hammock is lightweight and super easy to pack. Additionally, the special fabric allows the Portable Camping Hammock to be cleaned easily and also dry extremely quickly after being wet. This ultra strong hammock is able to hold an incredible 150 kg (330 pounds) of weight. The Portable Camping Hammock has an attached bag on the side so it can be effortlessly rolled and packed into itself, creating less bulk in your bag. The hammock kit is finished with two extra strong and durable ropes that can be used on their own or with to attach to trees, beams, or poles. The Portable Camping Hammock is available in your choice of color from 15 different options.