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Thank you Seth, I am wondering about the height of the tie in. I have two posts 10′ apart built under an ivy covered gazebo type thing. The hooks are 48″ high. I built it to fit a single spreader bar hammock a long time ago. Will it sag to the deck?

Hi Chuck – The Hammock Hang Calculator (and most of the information in this article) is focused on non-spreader bar hammock designs at the moment. My expertise is focused on non-spreader bar hammock designs – to learn more about why I highly recommend checking out this post on the subject:

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  • Walt

    Wonderful info. I’m going to build a wood stand for my non spreader bar hammock. Using this, I will build my stand for a perfect nights sleep.

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    You know the quality of the product is good by touching the material. The product smells and is dirty from packaging so washing is recommended.

    I haven't had the chance to use the product itself because my previous hammock stand is too small, so I purchased the adjustable hammock stand from this website and am excited to be able to hang my hammock once I receive it.

    Yes, this truly is one great-looking hammock! Yet the thatchlike weaving pattern of soft, cushiony, Navy-colored acrylic fabric ribbons adds up to so much more than just a pretty hammock face. It's also highly durable against the elements and exceptionally colorfast, and yields an uncommonly comfortable level of reclining.

    Prepare to be delighted.